A Closer Look At Simple Bark Collar Secrets

Bark Collar

Removing dead, dying, and diseased wood can be done at any age, but the removal of unappealing branches should wait until after the tree reaches two to three years of age, giving the tree time to grow to its natural shape. Prune at the right time. After the tree has lost its leaves in the winter, it's easier to see which branches interfere with the structure of the tree. In late spring, a light pruning will lessen new growth, preventing out-of-control growth. It is best not to prune in early spring, when leaves and bark are tender, nor in the full heat of summer. Make good pruning cuts. When making thinning cuts (removing entire branches), remember to cut just outside the branch bark collar, which is the ridge of material that fosters natural healing. The branch collar is a distinctive bulge at the base of the branch, where it connects to the trunk. Cutting into the branch collar will put your tree at risk.

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Bark Collar